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Your Mother And Then Your Father

I Nourished You When You Were A Baby And I Looked After You And Cared As You Grew Up Until You Became An Adolescents, You Lived Upon What I Worked For And Strived And Sacrificed In My Body In Time And Wealth, So That May Live Healthy, Whenever A Night Passed You, When You Was Sick Or Ill Or Coughed, I Was The First To Be Up, Carrying And Looking Upon With My Heart Afraid If An Atom Or A Little Breeze Will Harm You In Anyway, I Could Not Sleep Whilst Seeing You Sick Until You Slept And Then I Slept, Who HAs The Most Right For My Ultimate Companionship And Goodness, Your Mother, Your Mother, Your Mother And Then Your Father, If You Behave Rudely, Harshly, Incorrectly Towards Your Parents, Stubborn, Arrogant, Rude, Foul Mouthed Towards With Them, Don’t Be Surprised Tomorrow That When Your Kids Grow Up And They Behave Exactly Towards You, And At That Time You’re Gonna Sit And Reflect, You Know Damn Hell, That’s Exactly The Way I Used To Speak To My Father, I Don’t Even Have To Stand Here And Tell You From Quran And Sunnah Because The Fact Is: They’re Your Parents, Regardless Of What Allah Has Said, Regardless Of What Rasullullah SAW Said, You Must Love Them, There Is No Excuse Why You Should Somebody Has To Tell You That Allah HAs Commanded You To Love You Parents, Are You That Stupid That You Can’t Even See That These People Should Be Respected, You Only Came To This Dunya Because Of These People And What Have You Forgotten The Times When You Young And When You Were Children, Every time That They Picked You Up And You Cried, Every time They Fed You And When You Were Hungry Every time When You Would Excrete, But Do We Have To Remind You That Allah Has Said Something About This That You And I Don’t Have Common Sense Do Remember That These People Should Be Loved, And Some Brothers And Sisters Cant Even Make Dua For Their Parents, We Have That Luxury Dear Brothers And Sisters, Hold On To Your Parents For As Long As You Can Because One Day You’re Gonna BE Burying Them And On That Day You Will Regret, My Parents Are Not Muslim, My Wife Is In The Audience And She Will … She Knows How Much I Love My Parents, And My Parents Love Me, Everyday My Dad Says To Me: He Loves Me, Many Of Us Don’t Have This As Muslims, But If My Dad Dies Like This, Where Is He Going To Go? You Could Pray For You Parents, I Can’t Pray For My Dad When He Dies, This Is The Reality Brothers And Sisters, This Is The Reality, Don’t Underestimate The Blessing Allah SWT Has Given You, Don’t Make It Too Late Brothers And Sisters, Don’t Make It Too Late.


Don’t Be Sad : Allah Knows

In This World, You Will Never Truly Be Happy, No Matter What Allah SWT Gives You, You Will Never Be Truly Content, This Place Is Designed To Break Your Heart, It Was Designed That Way, If You’re Looking To Be Happy In The Dunya, You’re In The Wrong Place, How Could You Feel Worthless My Dear Brothers, Sisters, You’re Not Servant Of Al Laat Or Al Uzza Or Eesa Or Krishna Or Ganesh, You’re Not The Servant Of Fashion Or Money Or Fame Or Beauty Or Power Or Position, You Are The Slave Of Allah, Allah Has Chosen You From Amongst Of Billions Of Human Beings, Allah Chose You And Blessed You With Islam, Pain And Suffering Only Becomes Negative If It Creates A Barrier Between You And Allah SWT, But It Becomes Positive, Pain Becomes Positive A Motivation For You When It Brings You Back To Allah SWT, O My Slave, Come Back To Your Lord, O My Slave This Is A Reminder For You That I Want You To Bring You Back To Me, On Them Shall Be No Fear Nor Shall They Grief, Don’t Get Stressed Out O Muslims Over Things That Haven’t Happened Yet, That’s Fear And Don’t Get Stressed Out That’s Already Happened, Everything Has Been Decreed The Most Difficult Pill That The Muslim Swallow Is Article Number six Of Our Deen, The Qadr Of Allah, We Don’t Want To Admit It, We Forget The Power Of Allah, We Forget The Presence Of Allah, We Forget That We Came From A Clot And We Were Nothing, Muhammad Ibn Abdullah SAW Had To Correct Everything Because We Weren’t Doing Anything Right, And We Get So Afraid Because We Forget, We Fear And We Forget That Allah Is In Control, Surely We Shall Test Each And Every Single One Of You, With A Loss Of Wealth, With A Loss Of Life, With A Loss Of Profit And Trade So Give Glad Tiding To Those Who Are Patient, Those When They Are Tested, They Say: To Allah We Belong And To Him We Shall Return, Upon Those People Are The Blessing And Prayers Of Allah SWT And Those Are The Ones Who Are Truly Guided, So If You Have Allah You Have Everything You Desire, If You Don’t Have Allah, Nothing You Desire Will Make You Happy, Nothing, It Will All And Then Bring You Misery, Wallahi, That’s The Truth, It’s Not A Lie.


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Please note this video isn’t owned by any charity so please give what you can to whoever you can, whether it be your wealth, health or time. Prove that you are indeed human and did not just ignore the cries of the suffering.

For too long we have sat and watched idly as the world suffers its worst humanitarian crisis ever. As I type this note there are men, women and children starving to death in Syria, being forced to eat dry leaves just to survive. Many of us have given up hope and therefore fail to respond as we feel we are too small to save these people from a tyrant regime. Others sit and blame God as though He is responsible for allowing evil to reign supreme.

What we need to understand is that God has not left us, rather He is testing us. He does not want to see who will grant these people victory (As victory is only from Him), but rather He wants to see who is willing to do something for these people. Who is truly human? Who will make sacrifices from his time/health/wealth for these people.

I am the first hypocrite when it comes to this issue, so all I will say is God knows us best and the extent of our capabilities – and He will not hold us responsible to a degree greater than that we can bear. So give what you can. Not to save them, but to save yourself on the Day we are all held accountable over what we have done for these people. Those who are suffering will truly see brighter days as they enter Paradise in bliss God willing – but we however will have to wait until we prove to God that we were indeed human and did not just ignore them.

May Allah bless them and bless us all. Amen.

Please note footage in this clip was used from Hand in Hand for Syria & also Islamic Relief UK. May Allah reward them.


Do you know whats harder than looking at pictures of Muslims around the world suffering? …It’s thinking of what action are we going to take to let Allah know that we haven’t ignored their cries.

For it feels like we have literally came to the point where no matter what we see – we are unaffected and most likely not going to respond. And as much as it kills me to say this – it’s no surprise. For Muhammad (pbuh) warned us of a time that will come when nations will call one another to invade us, the same way they would call one another to a plate of food.

Why did Muhammad (pbuh) compare us to food?!! Because food is lifeless. It doesn’t respond when you eat it. No matter how much of the plate you were to eat – it would never fight back nor respond. And this is exactly what we have become. My self first and foremost.

We have become large in number but weak in nature. We have fell in love with this world and neglected the pursuit of the here after. We left Allah, so Allah is waiting for us to return to Him. Waiting for us to leave our sins and run back to His path.

I’m very sorry if this message is harsh. But I want everyone to know that this is the only hope we have to achieving victory. I urge everyone to please SHARE this video. It is a strong reminder.

Let us all change together, leave the love for this world before it leaves us all behind. May Allah make us all steadfast. Amen.

What has come to this world? Is there any hope? The Muslims are being eaten like food all across the globe and the Muslims haven’t even responded – Will we ever respond? This is no surprise as the hadith of Muhammad (pbuh) foretold that the Muslims will become like food… YES FOOD!! How will we become like food? We will become a nation that has no resistance. There is no red line. No matter what others will do to us, they will eat us however they like and we will never respond or fight back. Oh Muslims, we must stand up. We have one last and final hope – and this is to turn to Allah’s way and defend our honour. Calling all believers to stand up!

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This is my response/version of bball1989 video Sex, Marriage & Fairytales
Marriage today is struggling. Divorces, adultery, misconceptions, etc are plaguing not only the marriage itself but products of those marriages (my generation and the next). My hope in this poem is to highlight the most frequent and problematic issues marriages face today while also pointing to Allah as the ultimate healer, redeemer, and restorer of every marriage. Whether single or married, my intention would be that this poem would allow you to look more deeply to Allah to either better your current marriage, or prepare for your future marriage. Jesus is our Prophet.

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