Your Mother And Then Your Father

I Nourished You When You Were A Baby And I Looked After You And Cared As You Grew Up Until You Became An Adolescents, You Lived Upon What I Worked For And Strived And Sacrificed In My Body In Time And Wealth, So That May Live Healthy, Whenever A Night Passed You, When You Was Sick Or Ill Or Coughed, I Was The First To Be Up, Carrying And Looking Upon With My Heart Afraid If An Atom Or A Little Breeze Will Harm You In Anyway, I Could Not Sleep Whilst Seeing You Sick Until You Slept And Then I Slept, Who HAs The Most Right For My Ultimate Companionship And Goodness, Your Mother, Your Mother, Your Mother And Then Your Father, If You Behave Rudely, Harshly, Incorrectly Towards Your Parents, Stubborn, Arrogant, Rude, Foul Mouthed Towards With Them, Don’t Be Surprised Tomorrow That When Your Kids Grow Up And They Behave Exactly Towards You, And At That Time You’re Gonna Sit And Reflect, You Know Damn Hell, That’s Exactly The Way I Used To Speak To My Father, I Don’t Even Have To Stand Here And Tell You From Quran And Sunnah Because The Fact Is: They’re Your Parents, Regardless Of What Allah Has Said, Regardless Of What Rasullullah SAW Said, You Must Love Them, There Is No Excuse Why You Should Somebody Has To Tell You That Allah HAs Commanded You To Love You Parents, Are You That Stupid That You Can’t Even See That These People Should Be Respected, You Only Came To This Dunya Because Of These People And What Have You Forgotten The Times When You Young And When You Were Children, Every time That They Picked You Up And You Cried, Every time They Fed You And When You Were Hungry Every time When You Would Excrete, But Do We Have To Remind You That Allah Has Said Something About This That You And I Don’t Have Common Sense Do Remember That These People Should Be Loved, And Some Brothers And Sisters Cant Even Make Dua For Their Parents, We Have That Luxury Dear Brothers And Sisters, Hold On To Your Parents For As Long As You Can Because One Day You’re Gonna BE Burying Them And On That Day You Will Regret, My Parents Are Not Muslim, My Wife Is In The Audience And She Will … She Knows How Much I Love My Parents, And My Parents Love Me, Everyday My Dad Says To Me: He Loves Me, Many Of Us Don’t Have This As Muslims, But If My Dad Dies Like This, Where Is He Going To Go? You Could Pray For You Parents, I Can’t Pray For My Dad When He Dies, This Is The Reality Brothers And Sisters, This Is The Reality, Don’t Underestimate The Blessing Allah SWT Has Given You, Don’t Make It Too Late Brothers And Sisters, Don’t Make It Too Late.


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