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Please note this video isn’t owned by any charity so please give what you can to whoever you can, whether it be your wealth, health or time. Prove that you are indeed human and did not just ignore the cries of the suffering.

For too long we have sat and watched idly as the world suffers its worst humanitarian crisis ever. As I type this note there are men, women and children starving to death in Syria, being forced to eat dry leaves just to survive. Many of us have given up hope and therefore fail to respond as we feel we are too small to save these people from a tyrant regime. Others sit and blame God as though He is responsible for allowing evil to reign supreme.

What we need to understand is that God has not left us, rather He is testing us. He does not want to see who will grant these people victory (As victory is only from Him), but rather He wants to see who is willing to do something for these people. Who is truly human? Who will make sacrifices from his time/health/wealth for these people.

I am the first hypocrite when it comes to this issue, so all I will say is God knows us best and the extent of our capabilities – and He will not hold us responsible to a degree greater than that we can bear. So give what you can. Not to save them, but to save yourself on the Day we are all held accountable over what we have done for these people. Those who are suffering will truly see brighter days as they enter Paradise in bliss God willing – but we however will have to wait until we prove to God that we were indeed human and did not just ignore them.

May Allah bless them and bless us all. Amen.

Please note footage in this clip was used from Hand in Hand for Syria & also Islamic Relief UK. May Allah reward them.


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