Do you know whats harder than looking at pictures of Muslims around the world suffering? …It’s thinking of what action are we going to take to let Allah know that we haven’t ignored their cries.

For it feels like we have literally came to the point where no matter what we see – we are unaffected and most likely not going to respond. And as much as it kills me to say this – it’s no surprise. For Muhammad (pbuh) warned us of a time that will come when nations will call one another to invade us, the same way they would call one another to a plate of food.

Why did Muhammad (pbuh) compare us to food?!! Because food is lifeless. It doesn’t respond when you eat it. No matter how much of the plate you were to eat – it would never fight back nor respond. And this is exactly what we have become. My self first and foremost.

We have become large in number but weak in nature. We have fell in love with this world and neglected the pursuit of the here after. We left Allah, so Allah is waiting for us to return to Him. Waiting for us to leave our sins and run back to His path.

I’m very sorry if this message is harsh. But I want everyone to know that this is the only hope we have to achieving victory. I urge everyone to please SHARE this video. It is a strong reminder.

Let us all change together, leave the love for this world before it leaves us all behind. May Allah make us all steadfast. Amen.

What has come to this world? Is there any hope? The Muslims are being eaten like food all across the globe and the Muslims haven’t even responded – Will we ever respond? This is no surprise as the hadith of Muhammad (pbuh) foretold that the Muslims will become like food… YES FOOD!! How will we become like food? We will become a nation that has no resistance. There is no red line. No matter what others will do to us, they will eat us however they like and we will never respond or fight back. Oh Muslims, we must stand up. We have one last and final hope – and this is to turn to Allah’s way and defend our honour. Calling all believers to stand up!

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