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Pure Matrimony

Pure Matrimony is the World’s Largest Muslim Matrimonial Website Exclusively catering for Practising Single Muslims.  Furthermore, Pure Matrimony is backed by the World’s Largest Dawah Organisations in the West.  Not many Muslim Marriage websites can claim that right?

Are you tired of searching through Muslim Matrimonial websites where quite simply the majority of profiles are a million miles away from what you are looking for?  Are you looking for a professional and practising Muslim Marriage Partner who shares an active passion for Islam?   Does the level of religious awareness your partner has, have a significant importance in your criteria for an ideal marriage partner?   Do you want to find your partner in a manner which has been endorsed as Shariah compliant by the largest Dawah Organisations in the West?  If you have answered “yes” to all the previous questions then read on, if you have answered “no” then maybe Pure Matrimony isn’t for you.

Pure Matrimony is an Online Matrimonial website with the highest concentration of Practising Muslims in one place.  The website has taken its inspiration from the Quranic verse “women of purity are for men of purity and men of purity are for women of purity” (Qur’an 24:26).  The aim of Pure Matrimony is to create an online environment in which we attract only those Single Muslim profiles who take their Deen seriously thus increasing the likelihood of compatibility.  Our dedicated team of Moderators ensure that members who have good Islamic etiquettes are allowed to join and remain on the site.

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This is my response/version of bball1989 video Sex, Marriage & Fairytales
Marriage today is struggling. Divorces, adultery, misconceptions, etc are plaguing not only the marriage itself but products of those marriages (my generation and the next). My hope in this poem is to highlight the most frequent and problematic issues marriages face today while also pointing to Allah as the ultimate healer, redeemer, and restorer of every marriage. Whether single or married, my intention would be that this poem would allow you to look more deeply to Allah to either better your current marriage, or prepare for your future marriage. Jesus is our Prophet.

Special Shout out to Pure Matrimony for their support, is the worlds largest matrimonial site exclusively for practising Muslims, endorsed and supported by the shayukh from some of the largest international dawah organizations, including Sheikh Tawfique Chowdhury (Mercy Mission), Sheikh Alaa Elsayed (ISNA Canada), Sheikh Abdur-Raheem Green (iERA) and the MRDF. is safe, secure, halal interaction in a shariah compliant manner offering exclusive advanced features including complete profile privacy, wali integration and a team of dedicated administrators monitoring communication to ensure shaytan is kept away.

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Response to ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Trailer [HD] – Egypt Protest Film Find out who the real Muhammad (pbuh) was. He was a lover of the environment, a women’s rights liberator, a carer of the orphan, a man of mercy and of justice.
This isn’t only a response to the cheap film that was made but also a means to let everyone know who Muhammad (pbuh) truly was. THE GREATEST MAN TO WALK THIS EARTH!!!

Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus || Muslim Version || Spoken Word || Response

A poem I wrote to highlight the difference between Jesus and false religion. This is not an attack upon Christians, so please don’t take this as offensive, it’s just a means of education and let people know what Jesus was truly sent with. Jesus is a Prophet of Islam, yet a God of Christianity. In Islam God is all Powerful, But in Christianity God was overpowered and crucified on the cross, how can the Almighty God be overpowered, these are just examples for people to think about, we are not forcing you to believe, just ponder and question. The Quran is the final testament, Muhammad is the final Messenger. Islam is the final religion, so no I dont Hate Islam. One God, One God only, He does not beget nor was he begotten, He is the GREATEST. And has no partners. (Holy Quran Ch 112)


Qur’an Project

The unprecedented style and the superior wisdom inherent in the Qur’an is conclusive evidence confirming that it is the Word of God. Apart from this, there are a number of miracles verifying its Divine nature, one of them being that, 1,400 years ago, it declared a number of scientific facts that have only been established thanks to the technological breakthroughs of the 20th century. In this book, in addition to the scientific miracles of the Qur’an, you will also find messages regarding history and mathematics……The Scientific Miracles of the Holy Qur’an